1. Marta

    Hello, I am looking for some informations and photos of Paldor and the way to Paldor too. Could You please share Your photos?
    I started a project about this peak, I guess it can be the same project as Julia’s (I am taking a part in architectural competition in which the task is to create a project of hut in Himalaya).

    My email is emjot7@autograf.pl

    Marta J.

  2. Julia K.

    Hi! I am really interested in Paldor area since currently I am working on a project about it. Sadly it is impossible to find any reliable source on the Internet providing photos of the region. Dou you happen to have more photos of your expedition you’d be willing to share, especially images of Neddys Thumb camp, Paldor base camp, Eastern high camp and/or Paldor west glacier high camp. I would be most grateful for any help 🙂 Cheers! Julia

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